Sylvia and Lukas Redwitz design objects deeply rooted in the tradition of their craft while using their very own language of form. Their aim is to always seize the essence of an object. The two designers are concerned with the entire process of making: from the concept and design of an object to its production and finishing. Due to this creative process their unique style is developed: minimal an distinct.

Redwitz Formstudio Sägemehl in der Werkstatt


Second hand material is used to create new products.
Less energy is needed than for recycling, and the quality of the used material is upvalued.


Our wood is taken from former wooden roof structures and refined by high-quality crafts-methods to new, timeless, high-class-furniture.

The deep tracks in the surface of furniture are telling us the story of the wood it is made of. The exclusive material is only available in a counted number.

The characteristic remains of former timber joints and the natural intensive colour of this ancient and exclusive material gives the unique character to every single piece of furniture. It´s not only the usage and refining of the old wood that stamps the strong and unique character of this collection. The combination of historic material and modern design, the subtile fusion of tradition and modernity, makes this collection of furniture to an aesthetic experience.

Redwitz Formstudio - alter Eichebalken angehobelt


We use precious metals and gemstones from Fair Trade or recycled materials.

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